Professional Indemnity

Wednesday 7th February 2024
Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance – protection for the year ahead

The construction industry has gone through a prolonged period of unprecedented changes. Devastating events such as the Grenfell fire, the pandemic and, most recently, conflicts in Europe and the Middle East have triggered a lot of change.

Tuesday 3rd October 2023
Surveyors Professional Indemnity Insurance – increased liabilities

Recent legislative changes and the impact of the economic downturn may present additional risks for surveyors in the year ahead.

Tuesday 11th July 2023
Kerry London Professional Indemnity Insurance: Insurance brokers

The last few years have brought many changes that have affected the insurance broking industry. Covid accelerated the introduction of hybrid working, lockdowns tested the limits of business interruption insurance, and Brexit brought ongoing uncertainty to many businesses.

Wednesday 3rd May 2023
Surveyors Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity (PI) is an important business insurance for surveyors with professional errors potentially costing clients thousands or even millions of pounds to remedy. Choosing the right PI cover is an important decision that requires the advice of a specialist insurance broker.

Monday 20th February 2023
Professional Indemnity Insurance – What are the benefits of using construction engineering insurance specialists?

Engineering plays a huge role in society, and we all feel the positive effects, from the design of buildings and infrastructure, such as bridges, to cars and the design of our cities.