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Unoccupied premises – the Covid effect

Tuesday 12th January
Unoccupied premises – the Covid effect

The recent lockdown has been tough for all of us.  Many of our clients have had to adapt their trading methods and approach to working as a reflection of the new regulations we once again find ourselves surrounded by. Unfortunately, some clients have had to close their doors indefinitely.

At Kerry London, we are here to help, and it remains our aim to support our clients through this extremely challenging time. To support you and your business effectively it is important that we understand any changes in trading from adaptations to closure, alongside any risk management measures that are in place.

As a response to the ever-changing world in which we find ourselves, our insurers are no longer able to provide blanket extensions to unoccupied property terms, as each set of circumstances are now very different. Unoccupancy periods vary from immediate notification, in the case of most Combined products, to 90 days which is standard in many Property Owners products.

Please refer to your individual policy terms and conditions and contact us before the end of the permitted unoccupied period so that we can support you. To help us to help you, we will need to understand:

  • The reasons for unoccupancy. Is this only due to lockdown restrictions?
  • How long has the premises been unoccupied and how long is it likely to remain unoccupied?
  • Have there been any incidents whilst the property has been unoccupied? For example, damage to the property, unauthorised occupation etc.
  • Is the premises secured by protective locking devices and alarm protection?
  • Will gas, water and electricity supplies be switched off at the mains (except electricity to maintain any fire or intruder alarm systems, or water and heating systems for fire sprinkler systems)?
  • Will you or a representative be visiting the premises every seven days and immediately carrying out any work necessary to maintain the premises is secure?
  • Will you remove all post, refuse and waste materials from the interior of the premises and ensure no accumulation of refuse or waste in any adjoining spaces?

Policy Amendments

The team at Kerry London are committed to helping you; we can quickly process mid-term amendments. Our products are tailor-made, should sections of cover no longer be required, or need to be adjusted to reflect a change in trading behaviour, please get in touch with us and we will work with you to amend your policy.

Here to help

Kerry London are here to help you. Our team are available to assist you with any insurance related issues or concerns, simply get in touch on: 01923 211 290 or

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