National Federation of Demolition Contractors

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) is the UK demolition industry’s leading professional membership body, uniquely placed to both shape its future and be its voice. 

For 75 years the NFDC has driven continual improvement of the demolition industry for the benefit of its members, customers, and the general public through training, monitoring and policing of best practices.  They provide a flow of information and spearhead discussions between the demolition industry and Government, trade and technical organisations.

With extensive experience in the construction sector we can meet the specific needs of the demolition industry with quality, dependable cover.

We can arrange:

Public Liability insurance – for demolition firms that protects against third party bodily injury or property damage from your business.

Employer’s Liability insurance – a legal requirement, but this is tailored for your business.

Also included is Plant and Machinery providing cover for your tools and equipment (including plant) against theft, loss, damage or destruction on or off site.

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