Business Travel Insurance

If you travel on business, either within the UK or abroad, or if you are organising a trip for an employee or group, you need the appropriate level of Business Travel insurance. It is tailored to include a layer of benefits including:

  • Medical bills or trip cancellation or curtailment due to ill health
  • Flying out a colleague to replace someone who has been taken ill
  • The financial impact of any loss of business should this happen
  • Medical evacuation or repatriation back to the UK
  • Business equipment lost, stolen or damaged
  • Compensation for your business if it is financially affected by delays outside your control

Following a discussion with one of our account managers we will advise on the most suitable cover for you, based on where you travel and how often you or your colleagues travel for work. As one of the largest and most influential independent insurance brokers in the UK we will source products from an extensive range of providers and handle claims in-house, through our dedicated team. We can also advise on Terrorism cover for yourself or your staff while travelling.

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