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Business Insurance for unoccupied commercial properties has different criteria from commercial buildings insurance. Whether the commercial premises will be unoccupied due to renovation works, change in trading behaviour or damage, any commercial Business Insurance for unoccupied commercial properties has different criteria from commercial buildings insurance, and any commercial property that is to be left empty needs to have the appropriate levels of cover in place.

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What does unoccupied commercial property insurance cover?

The cover for unoccupied business premises differs from commercial buildings and content insurance. Insurance companies often insist on stricter requirements for security and covers are typically limited to so-called FLEA – Fire, Lightning, Earthquake and Aircraft.

When do I need to notify my insurer that a commercial property will be unoccupied?

The notification to an insurance company of a commercial building being empty varies widely from policy to policy. Many unoccupied commercial buildings policies require the building owner or commercial premises landlord to notify their insurer either immediately or up to 30 days in the case of some combined commercial buildings and contents policies. Others, such as Property Owners Products can be as long as 90 days. Check your policy details carefully or call your broker to get further advice.

What information will my broker need to arrange unoccupied commercial property insurance?

Whether you own commercial premises or you are a commercial landlord seeking landlord unoccupied commercial property insurance, there are a number of facts that your broker will need to understand. In addition to the standard underwriting questions for commercial property insurance such as property age, building construction type and location, your broker might need to understand:

  • What is the reason for the empty property?
  • How long will the premises be unoccupied?
  • Does the premises have an alarm or additional security protection?
  • Will utilities be switched off at the mains (except to maintain fire or alarm systems)?
  • How often will your representative be visiting the premises? (Every seven days is a typical requirement)
  • Have you made provision to remove all post and rubbish from premises?

What is the cost of commercial property insurance?

The price individual businesses pay for their unoccupied property insurances will vary widely due to a number of factors. Insurers ask for detailed information in order to assess the risk of your building remaining empty. This can include:

  • The length of time a property will be left vacant
  • The range of security on site such as intruder alarms, manned guarding and patrols or CCTV
  • Intruders and forced entry into the premises
  • Your claims history and any open claims

Are there any common exclusions in commercial property insurance?

You must check your policy carefully to make sure you know what’s covered and what’s excluded, however, there are three main exclusions in most commercial property insurance policies.

  • Unoccupied properties typically need different insurance coverage and you should contact your broker to ensure your unoccupied property is covered
  • Wear and tear is typically not covered for damage caused by normal use or because of poor maintenance
  • Damage from vermin or pests is often excluded on many policies, even damage from domestic pets

Why choose Kerry London Commercial Property Insurance?

Our commercial property team is here to support you. We are here to advise commercial landlords and commercial property owners on the most suitable options for their premises or property portfolios.

Kerry London Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is a leading UK independent and Lloyd’s accredited property broker which means that we work with a wide range of hard-to-reach, niche and major insurers. We negotiate flexible policies on your behalf covering a wide range of commercial property considerations including Commercial Property insurance, Rental Income Protection and Public Liability Insurance.

How do I amend my commercial property insurance?

In the event that your business premises are going to be unoccupied, Kerry London is here to help you. Our team are available to assist with any amendments to your commercial property insurance policy. Simply get in touch on 01923 211 290 or send an email to

Should elements of your commercial insurance policy no longer be required, the team at Kerry London are committed to quickly processing mid-term amendments. Our products are tailor-made, which means that sections of cover can be adjusted to reflect changes in trading or premises use.

In the event of a claim, we are here to make sure the interruption to your business is minimised. You can find out how to get in touch via our Claims page where you’ll find details of how to get in touch.

Which insurances should commercial property owners or landlords consider?

  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Landlords Insurance
  • Property Owners Liability Insurance
  • Rental Income Protection

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