Employment Malpractice Liability Insurance

We live in an increasingly litigious society where employees are more likely to take legal action for alleged breaches of their rights. These accusations can be costly to defend as well as personally damaging, sometimes requiring reputation management additional covers.

We understand that protecting managers at all levels is now a priority for most businesses. Our specialist account managers will work closely with you to identify risks and advise you on new laws and directives that may affect you, including EU legislation and the UK Employment Act 2002 and subsequent changes.

As one of the UK’s largest independent brokers, we can arrange Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPL) to cover wrongful acts against one of your employees including wrongful termination of contract, discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. Like Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance (D&O) it pays compensation to cover legal costs, expenses and awards made you for any employment practice violations. Yet it is different to D&O because Employment Malpractice Insurance covers your whole company, rather than just the most senior team.

We have considerable expertise in this field and will only arrange cover that is right for you. As an independent Lloyd’s broker, we have access to both major and niche insurers. If you are faced with a claim, then our in-house claims team will deal with events speedily and efficiently to ease your financial and professional concerns.

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