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With online reviews and forums, together with 24-hour news, businesses of all sizes must now seriously consider the risk to their reputation if they are the victim of sudden, poor publicity or negative public opinion.

As an independent Lloyd’s broker we are experts at specialist, hard to place risks that may arise from damage to your brand’s reputation. These include bad press, product boycotts or recalls, supply chain issues and even the threat of hacking – and subsequent breaches of customer data.

As you can imagine, recent events such as the cyber attack on Talk Talk in 2015, which cost the company nearly £35 million to rectify, make this a growing concern, and we are up to date with all the latest brand reputation insurance products available.

Your personal account manager will get to know your business inside out, assess your risks and suggest ways that you can neutralise and manage them. They will then discuss the cover you need before sourcing the most innovative and cost-effective options for you. We will make sure that you are properly protected from loss of clients, revenues and falls in share price as well as the financial compensation you may need to run an advertising and PR campaign to repair the damage to your business name.

Fortunately, disasters of this scale don’t happen often, but if the worst happens to you our in-house claims team will deal with events speedily and efficiently, enabling you to get your business back on its feet as quickly as possible.

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