Women in Sport

The recent Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 has been the most gender-balanced in history with over 49% of athletes being female, the Paralympics has more female athletes than ever before, and all 206 National Olympics Committees had one female and one male representative. The voices of those championing the need for change through grassroots programmes at the national level such as Sport England’s Uniting the Movement to those driving a more diverse future in specific sports such as Women In Football are growing in number and influence.

New formats are challenging the status quo and run parallel events for men and women at the same venues. The success of The Hundred in cricket surely quietening any doubters with a stunning new format and scintillating cricketing performances, not to mention record-beating TV audiences, a new army of cricket fans and a wealth of stars for the future.

Kerry London Insurance offers a wealth of expertise in insurance for professional sportswomen and is making sure we are supporting our clients and partners with the programmes that help to support a more inclusive approach for the future of sport. From bursaries via the European Club Education Foundation which enables two Club Managers Association Europe members to join its European Conference, to supporting the PCA’s ground-breaking initiative in providing educational workshops to all players looking at the role and impact that social media can have on mental health.

Kerry London is here to help professional sportswomen, club managers and those working in sports find the right insurance solutions. We advise on a range of personal insurances for sportsmen and sportswomen such as car insurance for professional sports players or permanent disablement insurance, to comprehensive commercial cover for clubs, teams and stadia.

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