Public and Products Liability Insurance – Sports Clubs

Whatever your place of work, whether it’s a local sports club, national team or fully equipped gym, it is impossible to eradicate all risks. We will work closely with you to identify and understand your contractual obligations and your exposure to risks as varied as injury caused by slips and trips to damage to third party property.

The cover we will recommend, and liability limits set, will depend on a thorough examination of these obligations and the visitors to your site. We also understand your exposure and contractual obligations and the potential for back to back cover (where a subcontractor’s policy mirrors yours) so there are no gaps in cover between the two.

Products Liability Insurance aims to protect you in the event that your product causes injury or damage to a person or their property. You could be liable to pay compensation in these circumstances even if you did not manufacture the product, and the costs can be severe.

As one of the UK’s leading independent brokers, we can arrange cover through major and niche insurers and our in-house claims team will always effectively manage any claims.

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