Private Ambulance Insurance FAQs

Questions and answers that relate to Private Ambulance insurance. This information is provided as a guide only, and if you have any doubts or questions, please call our expert team on 01923 211 290.

What does Private Ambulance Insurance cover?

Emergency Vehicle insurance covers a wide range of emergency vehicles including ambulances – from single vehicles to fleets. It provides blue and non-blue light cover including patient transfers to and from hospital and increased limits for vehicle contents.

What level of private ambulance insurance is required by law?

Third-party insurance is a legal requirement, but comprehensive insurance offers wider protection that includes you and your vehicle, as well as third party drivers.

What types of vehicles are covered by private ambulance insurance?

We can provide cover for ambulances, fire engines, cars, vans, MPVs, blood bikes and minibuses.

Do you offer a No Claims Discount on private ambulance insurance?

We offer no claims discounts to private ambulances businesses that have been claim free for a minimum of three years.

Do you offer cover for repatriation? 

Private ambulance insurance automatically provides Worldwide cover (excluding the USA) that includes international repatriation by either road ambulance or air ambulance.

Do you cover air ambulances and mountain rescue?

Yes. Airside work in airports is covered on a contingency basis only, so we recommend you seek your own airside liability cover for larger contracts.

Do you cover private ambulances for events?

Yes, we can provide cover at all size events including festivals, television productions, and sports events.

Can I get cover for my employees?

If you employ more than one person in your business then you’re legally required to have Employers’ Liability Insurance. Our team can arrange other separate cover in addition to your private ambulance insurance, including employers’ and public liability to protect your staff and medical malpractice insurance.

Are my business premises covered under my private ambulance insurance policy?

No but you can arrange a separate policy with us, or it can be included with medical malpractice insurance or a general liability insurance package. The latter can be arranged to cover all of your business insurance needs.

Do you insure private ambulances registered in Northern Ireland?


Do you insure private ambulances registered in the Channel Islands?


How do I pay for my policy?

We offer a range of payment plans, including one payment of your annual insurance premium, or monthly payments via a finance provider. Medical malpractice policies can be paid via monthly, interest free direct debits with some insurers.

How do I get my documents?

We can send them via email or post, please let us know what you would prefer.

Can I manage my policy online?

Private Ambulance cover is complex and requires the knowledge of our experts, so cover is arranged via telephone, email or face to face.

How do I notify you of a claim?

You can contact us via email or telephone. Our claims details are provided when you take out an insurance policy with us.

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