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Cyber attacks are on the rise – are you ready?

Thursday 16th May
Cyber attacks are on the rise – are you ready?

Almost half of UK businesses have been the victim of a cyber attack. The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show you’re more likely to be a victim of cybercrime than any other.

At Kerry London, we don’t scaremonger but we do protect our clients. In our opinion, cyber crime is the biggest threat to the success of businesses right now and you need to protect your business. Having a cyber insurance policy will go some way to protecting you but doing all you can to prevent it is just as important.

Our top five tips for managing cyber crime risks:

1 Employee Education
Maintain constant awareness of cyber attack risks, give staff training, produce security policies and keep on delivering the message.

2 Guard your network
Guard your network and filter out malicious content. We recommend producing a plan to regularly monitor and test your security systems.

3 Establish strict rules for USB sticks
Control all access to all removable media devices. Scan everything for malware before letting it be transferred to your systems.

4 Define your mobile working policy
Make sure you’ve created a mobile working policy and train your employees to protect data in transit.

5 Be prepared
Create business recovery plans. So if something does happen, you’re ready to respond quickly. It can make all the difference. to respond quickly. It can make all the difference.

Cyber case study: Phone Hacking

A firm of insurance brokers recently had a new VOIP (web hosted) telephone system installed in their offices to reduce call costs. Fraudsters managed to crack the password to the phone network and programmed the telephone system to repeatedly make calls to a premium rate number owned by them.

One month later, their telephone provider called to confirm they had racked up £25,000 worth of calls. Despite realising they had been the victims of hacking, the telephone company insisted on payment of the outstanding bill.

The right cyber policy would offer financial protection and allow the business to recoup the costs they lost in fraudulent calls.

Despite doing everything you can to prevent cyber attacks, there’s still a possibility it will happen to your business. That’s where a thorough cyber insurance policy kicks in.

Talk to us about how you can protect your business and see how we can help you with cyber insurance.

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